BP Holdings – BP säljer TNK-BP samriskföretaget spel Rosneft – BP Holdings


LONDON–BP PLC (BP.LN) sade måndag har enats om att sälja sin 50% andel i ryska oljebolaget TNK-BP Ltd. till staten-stödda jätte OAO Rosneft för 17,1 miljarder dollar i kontanter plus andelar som representerar 12.84% i det ryska bolaget.

Enligt villkoren i transaktionen, BP använder 4,8 miljarder US-dollar i kontanter tas emot för sin TNK-BP spel att köpa ytterligare 5.66% av aktierna i Rosneft, att dess totala spel upp till 19,75%, det sade i ett uttalande. Efter förvärv av dessa aktier, kommer BP vunnit 12,3 miljarder dollar i kontanter från transaktionen, det sade.

Affären är ett historiskt skifte i BP: s närvaro i nyckeln ryska oljemarknaden, frigöra den från ett turbulent samriskföretag med en grupp av Sovjet-född miljardärer och potentiellt ger tillgång till Arktis olja utforskning rättigheter som är mycket eftertraktade av företag som syftar till att ersätta krympande olja resurser i någon annanstans.

BP får två platser Rosnefts nio personer ombord som en del av affären och förvänt




BP Holdings – Home-Spanien-Darlehen Zahlen sank 61,8 % – REDDIT


Im Monat Juli 2011 fiel die Gesamtzahl der Haus-Umsatz um 5,3 % gegenüber dem gleichen Monat am gleichen Jahr bekommen 30 234 Transaktionen. Nach einer jüngsten Daten von Bp Holdings Blog aus allgemeinen Rat der Notare in Spanien veröffentlicht waren 24.276 dieser Transaktionen für Wohnungen und 5.507 für Häuser mit einem jährlichen Rückgang von 5,6 % und 3,9 %.
Die Zahlen in den Daten, die von Bp-Holdings-Blog, das 61,8 % Ermäßigung angesammelt hat freigegeben Dokumentationstätigkeiten starten monatlich veröffentlichen. Im Juli fiel der Preis pro Quadratmeter um 12,9 % über Vorjahr, 1.357 Euro, mit einem Rückgang von 14,6 % Wohnungen zur 1.507 Euro pro Quadratmeter, und 5,7 % für Häuser, 1.031 Euro Preis pro Quadratmeter bringen. Seit Juli 2007 zeigt die Daten der Bp-Holdings-Blog, dass Immobilienpreise um 26,8 % gesunken. Die Verkäufe neuer Häuser sank um 2,3 % im Juli im Vergleich zum selben Monat im Jahr 2011, und der Preis pro Quadratmeter für diese Art der Eigenschaft sanken um 10,5 % auf 1.857 Euro. Unterdessen Vertrieb zuvor besessen Häuser fielen um 7 %, while ihren Preis pro Quadratmeter um 19,5 % auf 1.827 Euro gesunken.
Die durchschnittliche Darlehensbetrag betrug 202.917 Euro, 9,5 % weniger. Für Immobilien Käufe betrug das durchschnittliche Darlehen im Juli 126.037 Euro, die war 20,7 % weniger als im gleichen Monat 2011.

BP And Tony Hayward Are Now A Nigerian Scam: Letter, BP Holdings Barcelona – CLIPBOARD


THE BP oil spill in the US Gulf is now a Nigerian scam:
From: Dudley Caruthers Esq (Barrister at Law)
Subject: BP Related Agreement Entitlement
Dear Friend
I am the private solicitor for Mr Tony Hayward, the esteemed Chairman and Chief executive of British Petroleum. My client has various personal and family related holdings of BP stock and options. Due to his faithful long standing service to BP the total value of his holdings amounts to in excess of 100m pounds sterling. Mr Heywood is a British citizen but it has been my sorrowful duty to advise him that his personal and family wealth is at great risk of being wrongfully confiscated by US authorities acting extra-territorially under special powers authorised by the US government and with the secret consent of a supine UK political and legal establishment.
Mr Heywood is also at great risk of losing his personal liberty and becoming another victim of the long reach of the politicised USA legal system in the same way that was meted out to other British subjects including, most egregiously, the 3 bankers from Natwest. Unfortunately I am not able to advise or assist him in this regard as my expertise lies in the structuring of executive compensation schemes and the management of private endowments; but I am horrified at the witch hunt being perpetrated on my client by the Obama administration and its agencies and I will do all that I can to safeguard my client’s financial position.
I am reaching out to you as it has become clear that Mr Hayward’s holdings must be liquidated and held in trust for the benefit of himself and his family beyond USA or UK legal jurisdiction. Exercise of his options and liquidation of his stock is now complete but it has proven necessary to assign title to the ensuing 100m pounds of cash to a person such as yourself who resides in a non recognised tax haven country and where there is a sound basis for UK and USA authorities to recognise the legal validity of local agreements. The taxation and legal recognition agreements between your jurisdiction of Australia and those of UK and USA present a unique opportunity to protect these assets whilst providing you with a benefit in accordance with your key role. I am a keen reader of your blog and greatly admire your economic and political acumen. I immediately recognised that, at this hour of great urgency and risk to my client, you are the man who is capable of securing protection of the Hayward estate.
It is with this in mind that I wish you to consider the possibility that you and I (as Mr. Hayward’s agent) have previously entered into verbal agreements providing for you to become the beneficiary of all Mr Hayward’s BP stock and stock option benefits upon their occurring a significant “force majeure” event affecting my client and British Petroleum. It is my legal interpretation that such an event occurred with the sinking of Deepwater Horizon and that title to Mr Hayward’s rights and holdings transferred at that time.
If you do recollect our agreement then it is now necessary to transfer the 80m pounds of cash proceeds to yourself which are after payment of a 20m pound advisory and arrangement fee for the services rendered by my firm. Transfer of the cash will only occur to you upon you executing the correct documents which are (i) the force majeure beneficiary transfer agreement (ii) a statutory declaration that the force majeure beneficiary transfer agreement was properly entered into as a verbal agreement in January 2002 and (iii) details of your Australian bank account including account name, password and account number and most critically an agreement between yourself and myself as trustee for Hayward related entities granting the trustee the right to claw back 50% (40m pounds) of the transfer at any time and requiring you to escrow the 40m pounds in a separate account.
I sincerely trust that you will search your memory and recollect that we met in Sydney in 2002 and recollect the nature of our agreement.
Please contact me at my firm’s Nigerian subsidiary’s offices at the address below such that we can act with the speed required of us.
Anyone got Barack Obama’s account details?

Personal finance – Tips to save money and invest profitably – BP Holdings Barcelona – BOOKRIX


People are responsible for all the financial troubles they may be going through. This is because they chose not to follow the guidelines given out by the financial experts to manage their finances well. Therefore, they should try to learn the basics of personal financial management and do away with any kind of irresponsible financial behavior. A good working knowledge of the finances will help people to save money and think investing it on somes constructive purpose.

People who are really interested to become financially responsible citizens will be glad to learn about some financial tricks that will help them to achieve their goals.

Tips to save dollars

Here are some tips that will help a s to raise a good amount of money as savings:

a) Banks – Financial institutions like banks or credit unions are considered as some of the most secure places to save money and grow an emergency fund. As a result of the Great Depression of 2008, the US government has hiked the amount of coverage for bank accounts held by the citizens. The bank security money has now been raised to $250,000 for every individual account holder.

b) Internet banking – People can take advantage of the web-based services offered by the banks. They can use the Internet banking facilities of a bank to conduct market surveys of all the financial products, analyze their return on investments or learn about the minimum deposit amount required across the country. Therefore, they can save money through the low cost services provided by the banks to take out loans, open savings account, etc.

c) Price waivers – It is extremely important to shop around in the local market before one selects a particular loan provider. They have to compare the quotes provided by several lenders and ask for prices waivers. Moreover, they can share the rates offered by the lenders, so that they stand in a good stead to bargain for a rate reduction.

After one has accumulated a sizeable amount of retirement fund, only then can he/she think of investing a part of the savings to earn some extra dollars.

Tips to invest dollars

Here are some of the guidelines to help people foray into investment with their retirement savings:

a) High risk investments – One of the best and the worst way to earn handsome dollars is to invest in high risk investment options. For instance, real estate speculation, hedge funds, emerging economy investments, stocks, bonds, etc. As a result of increased level of risks, investors expect to reap greater profits from their investments.

b) Investment plan – People who are investing their money should follow a definite and feasible investment plan. Investors should be practical about their expectations and do not become aggressive with their investments, in case they suffer a setback.

c) Professional help – Emerging investors should approach financial planners or investment experts for proper guidance with regards to the most appropriate investment options as per their needs and financial status.

This is because financial experts have the necessary knowledge to guide wannabe investors to the right investment track and prevent them from going bankrupt. However, every individual should exercise their own discretion when following any such advice and weigh other investment options as well.

Use the Internet to run a real estate business – Make money online, BP Holdings Barcelona


If you’re looking forward to making money online, the real estate sector is what you should be focusing on. This sector has come up as a great money-making option. This is mainly because of the growth that the real estate sector has been experiencing for over the past few years. There has been an appreciable increase in the value of real estate properties, which has enhanced the potential for wealth generation as well as opportunities to make money online.

Like any other online business, the real estate business involves a certain amount of risk. It is important that you know the tricks well so as to achieve success in your online endeavor. The following are some tricks that will make sure you don’t regret your decision to make money through online real estate business.

Create a good website – The very first step is all about creating a well-designed website. You can’t expect buyers and sellers to rush in to your website just like that. There is a lot more that needs to be done than just blogging if you want an impressive flow of traffic to your website. Making money online will require you to design your website as well as add a sea of information and quality content. That’s how you’ll let the prospective buyers and sellers know about your potential and credibility. Website designing is possible without external help if you’re knowledgeable enough. Otherwise, seek professional help.
Provide quality information – Work as much as you can on making your website rich in quality and reliable information. For example, try to include maps and information on hospitals, schools, shopping malls, libraries and places of interest in your website. This will increase your website’s potential to attract a sea of potential customers. It is very important that you put in property information as well. For example, information such as number and size of the rooms as well as the age of the property is of great significance to the client. You can also add information on how people can save money on taxes and home inspections.
Generate a mailing list – It is important that you generate a mailing list. This is an important part of your online real estate business. You can provide people a sea of information on the properties through email. This also brings in a sense of personal attention to the table.
Focus on SEO – An online business owner must use SEO in his/her business website. Textual and visual information alone can’t improve the inflow of traffic to your website unless it is well-optimized for search engines. Proper application of SEO techniques will improve your website’s ranking incredibly. This greatly improves your website’s visibility and causes an eventual increase in the number of visitors.
The aforesaid tips will help you use real estate in a better way to make money online. It is important that you enhance your knowledge and stay updated on the latest developments in the real estate sector. Your website must reflect the latest and reliable information on real estate to be a successful one.

BP Donates $1M to Aid Victims of Hurricane Isaac, BP Holdings Global Barcelona Spain – QUORA


BP America, Inc. announced today it will donate $1 million to support disaster relief efforts in Louisiana and Mississippi following Hurricane Isaac. The donation will be made to the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army and divided equally between the two hardest-hit states. “This assistance cannot fix all that has been broken by this natural disaster, but we hope it can help some of those in need today and contribute to a sustained recovery effort in the months ahead,” said Crystal E. Ashby, Executive Vice President of Government and Public Affairs for BP America. The storm forced BP to evacuate workers from offshore platforms and drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as from onshore facilities in south Louisiana and Mississippi, where hundreds of BP employees live. Separate from this donation, BP is also providing assistance to our employees and their families in the region.

BP Holdings – Mainland China


Over the last 30 years China has been through dramatic change. At BP we haven’t just watched it happen, we’ve been part of it

What we do
Since we arrived in China in 1973, our development can be followed in three stages. In the beginning, our growth came from chemicals licensing and marketing. During the 1980s this shifted into onshore and offshore exploration. By mid 1990s, we found ourselves in large-scale equity investment and manufacturing. To date we’re one of the largest foreign energy investors in the country with nearly $5 billion of cumulative commercial investment.

BP China’s work here is varied and wide. Its business activities include offshore gas production, chemical joint ventures, aviation fuel supply, LPG marketing, oil product and lubricant retailing and the sales of chemicals technologies.
We were one of the first foreign companies in China to explore for oil and gas offshore. The Yacheng 13-1 gas field was one of China’s largest offshore gas discoveries we made, and it’s currently operated by our business partner CNOOC and supply Hong Kong and Hainan Province.

On land, we are also playing a big role in bringing liquefied natural gas (LNG) to consumers in Guangdong and Fujian provinces. Working with our Chinese partners, we are proud to be the only foreign partner in China’s first LNG terminal in Shenzhen. We’re also making a large-scale investment in chemicals joint ventures, which include the Shanghai Ethylene Cracker complex, Zhuhai PTA plant, Chongqing and Nanjing Acetic Acid plants.

BP is a familiar brand to the Chinese consumer. It has a leading position in the retail market in which we work with PetroChina and Sinopec to build and operate over 800 dual-branded retail stations in Guangdong and Zhejiang Provinces. We’re also the only foreign company participating in the aviation fuels market. BP’s lubricants are marketed throughout China under the premium brand of Castrol.

We’re working with our partners to develop sustainable energy solutions to support the Chinese economic development. The major project we’re involved in is Clean Energy Facing the Future – a 10-year R&D initiative in partnership with Chinese Academy of Science. On Feb 18, 2009, BP and the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) announced the establishment of the Clean Energy Commercialization Centre (CECC) joint venture in Shanghai with the aim to push forward the commercialization of clean energy, especially clean coal technologies in China. We have also created BP-Tsinghua Clean Energy Research and Education Centre as well as BP-Sun Yat-Sen Universtiy Centre for LNG Education, Training and Research.